The creativity of artists from across the Isle of Man and beyond has now been unleashed as The Big Splash gets underway!

We want to say a huge thank you to all artists for their FIN-credible work which we know will be enjoyed by thousands of people. We were inundated with submissions and the final shortlist was drawn up by a panel from Hospice Isle of Man and Education Partner the Isle of Man Arts Council. Now the time is here to show both residents and tourists the dolphin designs dotted across the trail, stretching the length and breadth of the Isle of Man. We have loved bringing The Big Splash to life and now as it swims onto the shores of the island, we hope you have great fun exploring the unique trail.

A huge thank you to all our artists!

Bananarwal created by Jess Perrin
Between the Sea & Sky created by Rachael & Phillippa Corcutt
Bird Life created by Hannah Wild
Captain Bottlenose created by Donna Newman
Clock Work created by Eve Adams
Delphinus created by Donna Newman
Diamond Dolphin created by Susan Webber
Dot created by Rachael Britton
Dolphin Dreams created by Georgie Shelley
Dolphnut created by Lynne Hollingsworth
Splash created by Jade Boylan
Fins & Faces created by Jenny Leonard
Galaxy Clockwork created by Claudia Dodds
Here be Vikings created by Rachael & Phillippa Corcutt
Hokusai Heroes created by Sue Guthrie
Life in Every Drop created by Jacqui Mulvagh
Manx Beauty created by Natalie Norton
Mermaid created by Jill Busby
Mona created by Amy Bourbon
Oceana created by MrASingh
Off the Earth, For the Earth created by Nicole Stott & Kate Summerville
Peel Sunset created by Lorna Smith
Pomboo created by Ealish Hunt
Rainbow Splash created by Sacha DeWitt
Riding the Waves created by Barbara Barker
Secret Garden created by Felicity Wood
Skeeal Graih created by Leanne Mathews
Starlight created by Kate Summerville
Suns Out Fins Out created by Lynsey & Kieron Reilly
The Ballannette Swimmer created by Alice Armstrong
Wellness created by Hannah Callister
Hector the TT Dolphin created by Megan Heath Smith-Evans

The Big Splash Isle of Man 2022