Galaxy Clockwork

Galaxy Clockwork

The Details

Name: Galaxy Clockwork

Location: House of Manannan, Peel

Created By: Claudia Dodds

Sponsor: Suntera Global

Design Inspiration

This design was primarily inspired by Claudia’s love of space, which led to her doing an Astrophysics and Biology degree. She previously worked in Aerospace, which involved many tiny cogs and gears, which are beautiful in their symmetry. She wove in several other themes such as steampunk-inspired fantasy asthetics as well as a touch of her husband’s favourite horror-based games. The design was also inspired by her best friend’s love of horses, as the exquisite workmanship and practicality that goes into the leather items brings the symbolism of working with nature. Finally, Winter, a dolphin with a prosthetic tail, linked everything together, with the inspiration of her overcoming her disability, further supplied vision for the design.

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