The Details

Name: Wellness

Location: Sulby Reservoir

Created By: Hannah Callister

Sponsor: Manx Telecom

Design Inspiration

This design is a collaboration of the different grounding and coping methods taught throughout the Mental Health Service. The activities’ team at Manannan Court have put together a design with the help of its service users, to depict what helps individuals cope with their mental health and overall wellness balance. Within this design is the 54321 method, and the squared breathing technique. You can practise this on this dolphin and then use the learnt method in your environment. Give it a try. Some people find good distractions in simple everyday activities such as baking, stargazing, reading or creating art and exercising. Can you find any other activities shown on the dolphin, that you think you would like to try? Can you practise doing these activities mindfully? Pay attention to your senses individually. How does it look, feel, smell, taste and sound?

Well done! Remember to use your new skills and teach others. Wellness is important. You’re important!

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