Hospice Isle of Man Launch the Big Splash

Hospice Isle of Man are incredibly excited to reveal our second sculpture trail ‘The Big Splash’ which will be held on the Isle of Man over 12 weeks from May to September 2022. This is a mass participation public art event to celebrate the island, its environment, culture and heritage.

Following the massive success of our 2019 Wallabies Gone Wild trail Hospice Isle of Man have again partnered with Wild in Art to make the Big Splash art trail a reality. Wild in Art is the leading producer of spectacular, mass-appeal public art events which connect businesses, artists, and communities through the power of creativity and innovation.

The Big Splash will see a large pod of individually designed Dolphin sculptures placed around the Isle of Man for everyone to see and enjoy. Forming an unforgettable 12-week trail around the islands most spectacular coastal locations and open spaces, these spectacularly-decorated sculptures will help spark a journey of marine exploration like never before.

The key aims of the Big Splash art trail are:

  • Encourage the islands population to explore & rediscover the often overlooked beautiful coastlines right on their doorstep
  • Boost island visitor numbers, footfall and spend in the economy
  • Engage, nurture and showcase the very best local artistic talent
  • Create an education programme for schools, using creativity as a learning device.
  • Showcase the creativity of the island, its heritage, environmental & cultural offer.
  • Provide community engagement, fun and excitement!
  • Help raise funds in support of Hospice Isle of Man

There are a huge and diverse range of opportunities for you to get involved with the Big Splash and help to maximise its positive impacts across the Isle of Man and for Hospice Isle of Man.


We invite local artists both professional and amateur, to submit designs for the upcoming Big Splash art trail. Working in collaboration with Wild in Art, we are delighted to provide our ‘Dolphins’ as the perfect canvas to embrace the visual arts. The Big Splash art trail comprises a large pod of individually designed sculptures forming a trail around the Isle of Man to create a fun, free art gallery and take people on a journey of discovery during the summer of 2022.

We are looking for inspiring, engaging artwork that celebrates the culture, heritage and environment of the island. We welcome designs in any art form – traditional to new media, fine art to illustrations, graffiti and mosaic, embroidery to metalwork.

Following the event, these public art sculptures are auctioned to raise funds for Hospice Isle of Man. With your involvement, we look forward to presenting a creative showcase next summer which will educate and inspire the public about the extraordinary enjoyment of art and creativity. More exciting information on our Dolphin sculptures will be coming soon in our artist information packs which will contain full details on how to enter, as well as the template on which to submit your design. Please visit our artist’s page for more information.

We invite sponsors to help make the Big Splash that little bigger, get imaginative and celebrate the very best of the island and sponsor a Dolphin. We have an exciting range of sponsorship options available allowing businesses large and small to participate in the Big Splash. The art trail presents a mass participation and large scale sponsorship opportunity unlike any other on the Isle of Man. There are many diverse benefits to sponsorship of the Big Splash such as:

  • Significantly raise brand awareness & exposure in a unique and memorable way and through long term exposure (12 months) with a high profile and hugely popular event.
  • Engage with potential new audiences and help facilitate new stakeholder relationships
  • Support the creative sector by associating your company with a one-off design created by an artist and engage your staff, customers and associates to get involved
  • Showcase and bring mass footfall to your place of business, latest developments and your local community.
  • Help meet your corporate social responsibility objectives
  • Be part of raising significant funds for Hospice Isle of Man through the auctioning of your Dolphin at the end of the trail to provide care that benefits even more patients, carers and families within our community
  • Support a project which reaches across and animates the islands communities
  • Benefit from being able to talk about, integrate and profile your involvement with mainstream media, your own internal communications and relevant trade publications.

More exciting information on our sponsorship packages will be coming soon in our sponsor information packs. Please visit our sponsorship page for more information.


Schools and youth groups in the Isle of Man are invited to be inspired, get imaginative and celebrate the natural environment of the island by taking part in our Big Splash education programme.  We are inviting nurseries, primary, secondary and even further education establishments to get involved and play their part in the Big Splash art trail. More exciting information on our Education Programme will be coming soon in our Education Programme Learning Resource packs which will contain full details on how to enter participate. Please visit our schools page for more information.

Fundraise for Hospice Isle of Man

There is lots of fun & exciting ways you can help fundraise for Hospice Isle of Man and play your role in the overall success of the Big Splash trail. You can help raise funds in a number of ways, by participating in one of our key events or campaigns, organising your own event, playing our lottery, donating and shopping in our retail shops, setting up a regular gift or even think about leaving us a gift in your will. However you chose to support the Big Splash, we can’t wait to reveal more exiting details about the art trail in the weeks and months ahead!

The Big Splash Isle of Man 2022