Cummaghyn as daaghyn ‘Shapes & Colours’

Cummaghyn as daaghyn 'Shapes & Colours'

The Details

Name: Cummaghyn as daaghyn ‘Shapes & Colours’

Location: Southern Swimming Pool, Castletown

Created By: Bunscoill Rhumsaa

Design Inspiration

Bunscoill Rhumsaa started their design process by asking all the children in infants to make their own dolphin creation. There were so many amazing entries, that they couldn’t choose just one. However, the running themes were bright colours and different shapes in all sizes. Each child took part in their creation and worked together to make the design come to life. “Cummaghyn as daaghyn” meaning “shapes and colours” in Manx represents their school community perfectly – all different and individual but when they work together they create a wonderful pattern.

The Big Splash Isle of Man 2022