The Details

Name: Flips

Location: Northern Swimming Pool, Ramsey

Created By: Willaston Primary School

Design Inspiration

Willaston Primary School would like to introduce ‘Flips’. The majority of the design is by a child called Wai-Yien who won the school design competition. He wanted to make the dolphin really colourful and was inspired by nature. Willaston is a school that loves to be outdoors and learn from the natural environment and this was what drew them to Wai-Yien’s design. Many of the designs entered into the competion featured wellies, the school’s logo and the school’s values of fairness, respect and safey. For this reason, they felt it was important to include these on the design. As the school community is important to Willaston and they strive for every child and adult to feel valued, they wanted an element that everyone could be a part of, therefore the base of the dolphin has a thumbprint from every member of their school.

The Big Splash Isle of Man 2022