Goll-twoaie (Rainbow)

Goll-twoaie (Rainbow)

The Details

Name: Goll-twoaie (Rainbow)

Location: Isle of Man Airport

Created By: Cronk-y-Berry

Design Inspiration

This dolphin was designed by the children and staff of Cronk-Y-Berry School to commemorate the strength and resilience of the Manx people during the coronavirus pandemic. Cronk-Y-Berry chose to use sea glass as many of their families enjoy walking on beaches and collecting sea glass as part of their daily exercise during lockdowns. Rainbow colours show our thanks to the many key-workers who helped to keep our island running smoothly and our people safe. Interlinking Triskelions represent the strength of the Manx people in adapting to life in unprecedented situations, and coming together to support one another through difficult times. “Whichever Way You Throw us, We Will Stand.”

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