Lhie Ny Greiney Phurt Ny hInshey

Lhie Ny Greiney Phurt Ny hInshey

The Details

Name: Lhie Ny Greiney Phurt Ny hInshey

Location: Salmon Lake, Laxey

Created By: Ramsey Grammar High School

Design Inspiration

“My dolphin was inspired by the view that overlooks the silhouette of Peel Castle, and the tranquillity of the skyward views we get to witness on the Isle of Man. By living on this island, we have a clear seaside view of dusk to dawn, views that in other parts of the world would be obscured by smoke, factories and buildings. This is a privilege that I believe people should take more time to appreciate, which is why I’ve tried to capture beauty of the sky through a use of colours and outlines of silhouettes.” Created by Izzy Callow, Ramsey Grammar School.

The Big Splash Isle of Man 2022