Sollaghey Nr Marrey – Sea Pollution

Sollaghey Nr Marrey - Sea Pollution

The Details

Name: Sollaghey Nr Marrey – Sea Pollution

Location: Hospice Shop, Onchan

Created By: St Ninian's (Bemahague)

Design Inspiration

Sollaghey Nr Marrey depicts sea pollution and has the goal to increase concern of plastic, micro and macro-plastic in the sea around the island. “To see our seas and beaches clean and plastic-free one day, we need to start by increasing the knowledge and understanding of plastic pollution among people of all backgrounds. Our design raises the awareness about the consequences of plastic pollution and asks the public to be part of the solution and use a bin for litter and don’t leave it on the beach.” St Ninian’s High School. Chosen design: Isabella Browning 7F

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