The Success of Wallabies Gone Wild 2019

Summer 2019 will long be remembered for an invasion of colourful and uniquely designed wallabies which took over the Isle of Man, brought the community together and won the hearts of thousands of people. Local residents became ‘tourists on their own island’ and visitors came from far and wide for an adventure of exploration, discovery and a celebration of art and culture.

Wallabies Gone Wild encouraged people to get out in the fresh air, to spend quality time with their friends and family and to enjoy exploring as they hunted for wallaby sculptures across the island.

26 large wallabies began as plain white, blank canvases which were then brought to life by the creative interpretations of international and local artists. These colourful marsupials were joined by 38 small sculptures, which took on the imaginations of local schools and community groups.

Local and national businesses made Wallabies Gone Wild possible through sponsorship and gifts in kind, and the positive contributions to the island’s economy and community couldn’t have been achieved without their support.

The wallabies took the island by storm and before long 15,000 trail maps had been distributed and thousands of photographs of people enjoying the art trail were appearing on social media channels. More than 5,000 photographs were uploaded to the Wallabies Gone Wild mobile phone app which was being used by 4,000 people.

Produced by Wild in Art, in partnership with Hospice Isle of Man, Wallabies Gone Wild brought a lot to our community. It helped to build new partnerships and collaborations, raised significant funds to support end of life care and of course, provided hours of fun and entertainment that will be fondly remembered for many years to come.

The extraordinary success of our Wallabies Gone Wild trail in 2019 has laid out the foundations for our brand new art trail called The Big Splash which will be held on the Isle of Man over 12 weeks from May to September 2022. The Big Splash will see 30 individually designed Dolphin sculptures placed around the Isle of Man for everyone to see and enjoy. Forming an unforgettable 12-week trail around the islands most spectacular coastal locations and open spaces, these spectacularly-decorated sculptures will help spark a journey of marine exploration like never before.

The Big Splash Isle of Man 2022